As an interviewer, you’re always looking for a scoop. When you get the opportunity sit down with a big star, of course you’re going to try very hard to get that inkling of new information on their next big project. And right now, very few things are bigger than ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. That’s why when Conan O’Brien had Harrison Ford, who has been rumored to be a part of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film, on his show, he pulled out all the stops to try to get some juicy insider info on the next adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Over the past few months, Ford has been making his rounds to promote ‘Ender’s Game’, which finally hits theaters in November. During these appearances, a few late night talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel have tried to pry some ‘Star Wars’ info out of Han Solo. Now, the leader of Team Coco has upped the ante by offering the actor $1,000 to divulge anything about the first film in the newest Lucasfilm trilogy that’s set to drop in 2015. And surprisingly, O’Brien succeeded! You can hear this exclusive scoop in the video below from

All right, so maybe that wasn’t what anyone, especially Conan, was expecting, but he did oblige with some ‘Episode VII’ info! It just so happened to be info that we already knew. Oh, Harrison Ford, you sneaky bastard. At least it was funny. But hopefully we get some real updates soon considering that the pre-production phase is quickly moving towards production in England.

Do you actually think that Harrison Ford will be involved in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’? What do you think Han Solo has been doing since ‘Return of the Jedi’? And finally, do you think that Conan O’Brien got his money back eventually? Sound off in the comments.