The Governor is back on the TV version of ‘The Walking Dead’ but is the very definition of a wild card.  Seriously, am I the only one who expected him to kill everybody in the last episode ‘Live Bait’?!  But he didn’t.  It would almost seem that they were setting up a kinder, gentler Governor, but as we saw in the previous episode, it appeared that we saw an angry vengeful Governor leering at the prison, so obviously some mess is still about to go down.

Now AMC has released a new still photo that hints at further upheaval.

If you’ve read the comic books, then you know a tank + The Governor is not good news for Rick and his crew.  Then again, the show’s producers have seemingly gone out of their way to twist the show and make it unlike the source material.  So things could go differently on the show.  Or The Governor could storm the prison, killing everyone in sight.  However since on the show he’s lost all of his followers, that may not work out so well.
But what happens to lead him to this?  In ‘Live Bait’ he seems to have started over, discovering Melody, Tara and Megan, which seems to rekindle his compassion and humanity.  But in the teaser of the previous episode, he seemed to be alone.  And he’s alone in the photograph… so does this mean something happens to those other characters?  Do they perish and as a result, does The Governor go over the edge?  How does Rick factor in?  Considering that it seems that he has moved on (as has Michonne) what drives him back to Rick and his group?  (Does Carol play a role, maybe?) I suppose we’ll just have to keep tuning in to see!

Here is a brief synopsis of this coming episode:

A new and scary chapter is unfolding at a camp outside the prison. Will peace be attainable with the addition of new members?

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight” airs this Sunday, November 24 on AMC at 9pm ET

Source MTV