Actions and consequences are the order of the day in tonight’s episode of ‘The Tomorrow People’ as Cara, Stephen and those around them come to terms with their unexpected night together.

It’s the morning after and Cara’s wigged out by her and Stephen’s tryst. He’s all lovey dovey, ready to continue on but it’s not as simple for her. He asks her what’s next but she’s not sure. She gets back to the lair and finds John waiting for her. She’s a bit uncomfortable around him, made even more so when he tells her he wants to start over. They get interrupted by Irene’s report on the breakout rapist who, the night before kidnapped and violated a woman. Everyone is pretty disgusted by this person, Cara especially. John’s remark that “Our powers don’t make us good, they make us powerful” is spot-on. They need Stephen’s help and when John suggests Cara telepathically dial him up, her hedge doesn’t go unnoticed.

At ULTRA, Stephen watches them take Darcy’s stuff away and nearly gets into a fight with Perkins. Jedikiah interrupts it and starts a debriefing about the rapist. Fed up with the pressures over the last few weeks, Stephen storms out. Jed follows and he admits to his uncle that things are getting to him. Jedikiah suggests a bit of time away. Stephen tries that but John crashes his pity party and tries giving him a bit of confidence and understanding. It doesn’t change Stephen’s morose demeanor as Astrid picks up on it in gym the next day. Her suggestions on having fun with his powers runs contrary to everything his uncle and John have preached. Still, he gives it a whirl and, after one terrific dunk during a pickup game with him captaining the rejects, he lands on the varsity team.

Cara, John and Russell are combing the streets for the perp and Cara is still in her bitchy due to guilt mode. When Russell steps away, John takes the blame for letting them down and needs to earn her trust back. He opens himself up and tells Cara he loves her. “Now you tell me?” she says, the guilt continuing to pile on. After jumping home, Astrid and Stephen go up to his room where Cara’s waiting. Astrid leaves and there’s a strain between the two. It gets worse when Cara calls their actions a mistake. He refuses to believe that and puts her on the spot, offering that if she can tell him the truth and not just with words that it meant nothing, he’ll stop asking. She balks at his request and teleports out.

The day before the big game and the team is still looking for a place to have the ‘Pep Party’. Stephen offers up his house to a quaint little gathering that ends up being quite the hoot nanny. Stephen ends up being lured upstairs by a brunette named Jenny who takes it upon herself to ravage him. The trio at the lair are gearing up to find the rapist bastard when, after Russell leaves the room, Cara admits to sleeping with Stephen. “Are we even now?” John asks derisively, eventually putting it on her as to where they go from here.

More romantic drama ensues when Astrid interrupts Stephen and Jenny’s little tete-a-tete. Astrid can’t hide her disgust and when she goes a bit overboard, Stephen shamelessly reads her mind and finds out what everyone already knew: Astrid’s in love with him.

Cara’s more than a bit frosty with Stephen

The same night John, Cara, and Russell divert another attempted rape but the assailant gets away before they can track him. The party’s all done and Stephen is ready to start the cleanup when Jed and Perkins walk in. Uncle Jed knows Stephen’s been a naughty boy and outfits him with a suppression cuff that negates his powers. After getting the note from his mom promising all sorts of badness for his party, Stephen goes to the lair for help but they can do nothing for him. More than that though is Cara’s cold attitude. She’s beyond harsh but Stephen makes no real comments about it and doesn’t pick up on John’s passive aggressiveness. It’s not until after the game (where John helped Stephen out but not in the way he thought) where Stephen finds out that John knows. He tells Stephen it meant nothing and was just sex. They both deliver some harsh words before fisticuffs ensue. Things don’t get too far before Cara teleports in and breaks it up. She reiterates to Stephen that it was a mistake before she and a smug John walk off. As he picks himself up, Stephen catches sight of the fire department badge he noticed on TIM’s screen and, coupled with women’s reports of wet hair and Cara’s info about water being a barrier to telepathy, Stephen realizes the rapist takes his victims to the sewers.

Genius that he is, Stephen goes down in the sewers with no backup. He interrupts the man before he assaults another victim. He tries but is completely overmatched without his powers though, even with the suppressor cuff, he’s able to call out to Cara. She and John arrive just in time to see Stephen’s unconscious form floating face down in the sewers. While John hurries to rescue Stephen, Cara lays the beat down to the rapist and, if it weren’t for their limitations, would have killed him. In the land of the unconscious and slowly dying, Stephen’s father implores his son to go back. “Save yourself, save them all,” he tells Stephen with a final clue to finding him of “Thanakos”.

Cara watches John perform CPR on Stephen and, though she tries hiding it, the concern is etched across her face. She breathes a sigh of relief when Stephen starts coughing up.

Russell finishes the job for Cara

Rapist in hand, Stephen brings him to ULTRA. Jed asks what caused the change of her and Stephen replies “My destiny isn’t something I choose. I can only choose to fulfill or fail it.” Jed removes the cuffs and casually asks about the man’s ravings on being attacked by a girl that matches Cara’s description. Stephen plays dumb, sticking to the story that he brought the criminal in on his own.

At the lair, Cara asks John if they are good. He’s in a bad spot and tells Cara that Stephen’s in love with her, something she already knew. They have to work with him for the betterment of their species, thus there’s serious complications about this particular love triangle. Not wanting to lie to John, she admits the connection she feels with Stephen but will lie to Stephen if need be. John asks Cara if Stephen loves her and when she says yes, he says that’s all he needs to know.

Stephen goes to apologize to Astrid who’s taking his knowledge of her feelings in stride. He tells her about Cara, that she’s not in love with him but Astrid knows better and tells him so. Stephen goes to the lair and brings up the connection. He tells her she can fight it but the two of them are inevitable. He promises that it will be the last time she brings it up. John walks in, thinking he’s interrupted something but Stephen tells them his dad’s alive and they are going to find him.

Tomorrow’s News

  • We all new things between Cara and Stephen were going to provide some juicy complications and nothing is really answered in this episode. John, Cara, and Stephen all have to work together and Cara is in the unenviable position of having serious feelings for both men. There’s no easy way out for her and, regardless of what she ends up choosing, it will affect the entire group dynamic for the remainder of the season and beyond.
  • While all indications pointed to Stephen’s dad being alive, it was definitely a surprise to see him on what appears to be another plane. I’m sure we’ll get more intel on his whereabouts before they find him but it also hints at a much bigger world than we’ve seen to date.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…they need to give Russell some more screen time! That is all…