Do you ever wonder what if the Doctor exists and walks among us? That ‘Torchwood’ is real and the television show ‘Doctor Who’ is just an elaborate cover up? If the answer to that is yes, ever wonder who he might be?

Well, in the grand tradition of me not wanting to discern between fact and fiction, let me tell you exactly who I think the Doctor is. Last month I told you who I thought the Tenth Doctor was in real life. Well, this month I’ve chosen someone just as worthy.

The Eleventh Doctor: Bill Nye

The reason I chose Bill Nye as the Eleventh Doctor probably should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.

Bowties are cool.


Okay, it’s more than that. The truth is, of all the scientists/innovative thinkers I have listed before, Bill Nye is closer to being my real life Doctor more so than anyone else. Bill Nye showed me the wonders of EVERYTHING at a very young age and didn’t treat it like it was something I couldn’t understand.

I was excited to come home after school everyday and watch ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ because he was the first person who tried to teach science like it was something cool, which it totally is! That’s the whole point of ‘Doctor Who’. The show was originally conceived as a fun way to introduce people to history and science, and I think Bill Nye is a chip off the old TARDIS block.

Also, his sense of humor is Doctor-kooky. I will stand by Bill Nye forever if only just for this:

I think we can all see the Doctor saying “Jello. You are a delicious dessert, but what are you?!”

And of course, there is also this:

I will never get enough of his jokes. Ever. He makes me love science.

Even in his darkest hours, the Eleventh Doctor will always have a goofy side. Of course, this begs the question: does Bill Nye have a dark side? Not that we’ve seen on television anyway, though I think some of us may equate watching his dancing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to be the very height of Matt Smith’s Doctor:

We’ve only go one more Doctor left, and that’s Peter Capaldi! Do some time traveling of your own, and let us know who you think the twelfth Doctor will be in real life!