Doctor Who Series 10 Excited Banner

With about a month to go until the tenth season premiere of ‘Doctor Who’, fans are on pins and needles in anticipation of the show’s return. That anticipation is only going to be heightened, following today’s release by the BBC of a new trailer for the upcoming season.

The trailer is included below, and while it’s only a minute in length, it is JAM PACKED with teases and Easter eggs alike. So give it a once- or twice-over and join us below as we break down some of the highlights.

So first things first, the trailer also offers the most substantial preview we’ve had of new companion Bill since her introduction in a tongue in cheek short nearly a year ago. Though we get to see more of her interplay with the Doctor, it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get a feel for how she’ll interact with Nardole.

One brief shot in the trailer shows the Doctor sporting a pair of sunglasses, but in case you’re concerned that we might be seeing a return to the ninth season’s rather divisive “wearable tech”, the trailer also confirmed that we will be seeing at least one sonic screwdriver this year, as we see in the style favored by Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor fly through the air, in a moment echoing the debut of the Twelfth Doctor’s latest screwdriver, though this one is instead caught by… Nardole.

The trailer also further confirmed return appearances by Missy, the Daleks, the ‘Tenth Planet’ Cybermen, and at least one Ice Warrior! Though some of these had previously been reported on, seeing them all in the same trailer is a surefire way to press longtime fans’ buttons. In fact, between these returning villains and the Davison-style screwdriver, it seems safe to say that fans of classic ‘Who’ will have plenty to look forward to this year.

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The tenth season of ‘Doctor Who’ is set to premiere on April 15, 2017. In addition to returning star Peter Capaldi, the new season will feature Matt Lucas, Pearl Mackie, and Michelle Gomez. The season will culminate in this year’s Christmas special, as both Capaldi and Moffat bid their farewells.