It’s only been a year since the ‘Fantastic Four’ title relaunched in 2012 in relation to its sister book ‘FF’. Now it looks like it’ll be happening again. The current run is scheduled to end in January and Marvel has a slew of plot lines to wrap up before it ends including: an older duplicate of Johnny Storm, a potential broken timeline from said Storm being there, what is breaking down the four’s DNA structure, and more! That’s not even including what is going in in ‘FF’ which there is no word if it’s being continued, cancelled, or rebooted as well.

With the new ‘Fantastic Four’ including Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Franklin and Valeria Richards and many of the other “Future Foundation kids” there could be slim picking of who would still be running around in the ‘FF’ series. Granted, there are enough characters in there right now to make it work, but it almost sounds like this could be coming to an end as well.

The new series is going to be taken over by writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk. Recently James spoke about his direction for the series:

“What I hope to do is tie in their past without making it too referential and (touch on) how the past can affect the future. While I’m not reinventing the book, I’m certainly adding a side to it we maybe haven’t seen for a while…We’re going to see the fragmentation of the family due to villainous outside forces that are slowing picking at them and eroding them. The arc I’m going to be telling is basically the fall and the rise of the Fantastic Four, and especially the fall and rise of Johnny Storm.”

So, inner family chaos is happening once again. The team has been having issues for quite awhile with one of the more memorable story arcs in recent years being the so called death of Johnny Storm. I almost feel that this wasn’t the wisest choice to focus on. We’ve seen Ben falling apart and Reed having multiple problems with his decisions popping up as of late. Maybe more of a focus on Sue or the children might have been the proper way to go.

Still, the new series will be launching in February of 2014 and will include villains such as The Frightful Four and more importantly Doctor Doom. I’d love to see Doom return to more of his villainous roots but on a grander scale as he’s really been a background character ever since the end of the long running ‘Fantastic Four’ series that came to a close in 2011. Not including the last issue of course which probably will end up taking place in an alternate timeline.

What are your thoughts on a reboot of the series after only a year? Is this just a bit too much? Are there still too many open plot lines to cover it all? Is this all a ploy to mess with Fox’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot to try to eventually get the movie rights back? Sound off below!

Source: Super Hero Hype.