After three years without a ‘Saw’ movie it appears that the games by serial killer Jigsaw aren’t over quite yet. According to sources involved with the project, the company Lionsgate is ‘incredibly active’ in developing this eighth film in the franchise.

Apparently they will be seeking a new direction for the franchise, which they would have to do if they don’t reboot it in general. Almost the only plausible idea at this point would be to introduce a copycat killer, unless Jigsaw had yet another mysterious apprentice that no one  had the slightest idea about through the past seven films.

Please don’t let that be the case.

Still with no plot, writers, director, or cast lined up quite yet, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Halloween 2014 release unless they come up with something in the next couple of months.

I’ve actually enjoyed the ‘Saw’ films to date and even though some of it was a bit repetitive near the end, they were able to keep the twists interesting enough to keep moving forward. There’s usually some spark of creativity that keeps things interesting and I hope they are able to retain that after a three year hiatus and with all of Jigsaw’s students now being dead. Also they’ve somehow been able to keep the films themselves out of the realm of ‘tortureporn’ which has become so popular in horror for awhile. Some of the concepts in ‘Saw’ could easily lean that way, but it never did cross that line. This is something the next writers should keep in mind as that would be the nail in the coffin for any future iteration of the film.

At the very least, it appears that there isn’t a rush to get ‘Saw 8’ done until they have the perfect idea for it. So, hopefully that means we aren’t going to get something cringeworthy that is just a cash in on the franchise’s name.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting