Fans of Hugh Jackman (‘Real Steel“) playing Wolverine are currently awaiting the release of ‘X-Men Days Of Future Past’ where he will be starring in a central role to the film’s plot. Good news on that front as it looks like fans won’t have to wait too long to see Jackman returning to the role of Logan again after that film either! Right now 20th Century Fox is in negotiations with James Mangold in order to bring him back and direct the sequel to his box office smash ‘The Wolverine‘. Hopefully he’s not too annoyed about the added post-credit that he didn’t want added into the film and is willing to give it another go.

While responses to ‘The Wolverine’ were luke-warm, it was still miles ahead of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘ and showed potential for what could be done with the character. I’m pretty sure most of us try to pretend that ‘Origins’ didn’t exist in the first place. Things are looking good as Lauren Shuler Donner is already back on board to produce. With the film having made over $413 million at the box office, it really wasn’t a surprise to hear that a sequel was going to happen.

There are a ton of directions they could go with the new film. From a focus on the “Weapon-X program” leading into his female clone X-23 to battling with Omega Red, there is a lot of Wolverine history they have to work with. Honestly, an introduction to his son Daken could be interesting, though it might to hard to properly play it off.

While I want to get my hopes up, we’ve had two solo Wolverine outings at this point and both have been kind a let down for me. The last one was good for about the first two thirds of the film,  so I’m hesitant to say that I’m even excited about this one.

Are you looking forward to another Wolverine film or is it like the comic line these days where enough of Wolverine is enough – we don’t need him popping up in everything under the sun. If that’s not the case, which story line would you like to see them tackle this time around? Which potential villains would you want to see pop up? Sound off below!

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