In a startling discovery, after the constant controversy surrounding the film version of ‘Ender’s Game’ and the writer of the novel on which it was based, it turns out that your cash dollars will not be lining Orson Scott Card’s pockets after all.  It seems that Card sold the rights to the movie and was paid up front many years ago.  He did not actually write the screenplay and he doesn’t have a back-end deal regarding the film, so no matter what it makes, Card won’t see another dime from it.

The conflict among fans, is the fact that Card has, in the past fought to prevent gays and lesbians from having equal rights.  He has served on a board of a group that has lobbied politically and financially to deny these rights.  So of course, many with opposing views have struggled with whether or not to support his work, with one group, Geeks Out, pushing for a boycott of the film.

Lionsgate has had an uphill battle in trying to market the movie and to distance itself from his beliefs.  The studio even agreed to donate proceeds from the opening night premier event to LGBT charities.

At one point, Card issued a “slap in the face” apology where he essentially tried to make himself the victim of intolerance.  But considering how controversial this whole issue has been, why didn’t anyone before now simply state that Card wouldn’t benefit from the film’s success.  You’d think with as much of a struggle  Lionsgate has had trying to distance itself, that would have been one of the first things they made clear.  You’d think Card himself might have mentioned it.

One area where Card does still benefit, though is from the sales of his books.  With the movie coming out, ‘Ender’s Game’ has climbed to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List.  So if you’re a concerned fan, that’s one area to consider.

Unfortunately, the early reviews are all over the place.  Some critics absolutely, but others seem less enthusiastic.  As of right now, it’s sitting at 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is at least better than average.

So how does that make you feel?  Are you more or less likely to go see the movie now?

Source SlashFilm