As David S. Goyer and Zach Snyder finalize their script for the next chapter in the DC Comics movie universe, more rumors are popping up.  The first involves the appearance of Batman, who as everyone knows by now, will be portrayed by Ben Affleck.  Warner Brothers had previously announced that this take on Batman will be older and more “weathered.”  While Affleck is certainly no geezer, he is (rather astonishingly) eleven years older than Henry Cavill, the current Superman.

And in keeping with that theme, the studio hopes to go with a more worn out Batsuit, versus the more athletic, high tech uniforms worn by Christian Bale in the last three films.  Word has it, that the designers are using the 2011 graphic novel ‘Batman: Noel’ as their springboard.

While Batman has essentially worn the same suit since his inception in the comics (with some slight variations) the creators of the movies chose to swap out his gray and black (or navy depending on the colorist) suit for black rubber armor and the idea stuck, with some variations.

Will we finally see a more comic-accurate version of Batman on the big screen?  I mean, it’s got to be rough being one of the world’s greatest acrobats and martial artists, when you have to wear a suit that weights more than you do.  And has nipples.  (Yeah, never letting that one go.)

The more recent depictions have been considerably more “athletic” in design (for instance, the cowl was more of a helmet, allowing for Batman to turn his head).  But it was no less drab.

Granted, we’re very early in, so everything could change by the time ‘Batman Vs. Superman‘ hits theaters.  But I for one would be beyond thrilled to see Batman dressed in a gray uniform with black accessories.  I can forgive a lot, but the fact that Christian Bale’s costume was solid black from head to toe soured me on all of those films.  I just couldn’t get past it!  (Well, that and the panther voice.)

As controversial as Affleck’s casting was, a comic-accurate costume would score a lot of points from me.  (I mean, I know it’s too much to ask that he have a yellow belt and oval around his chest logo…)

In other news, the new Batmobile will be designed by General Motors, so it might actually look like a car.  But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think?  Is being truer to the comics a mistake?  Should Batman be armored up?  Comment below!

Source Collider