Founded in 2011, the Mars One team has been working on a plan to have humans settle on Mars by 2023.

Mars One is a non-profit foundation led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp. Endorsed by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gerard’t Hooft, astronauts from all over the planet applied to be one of the four lucky winners to fly out to Mars in 2022. While the application period is over, it will take Mars One another two years to narrow down the applicants to four Martian settlers. Mars One plans on looking at the health of the potential settlers as well as integrate some of the strategies ‘America’s Next Top Model’ employs to find a winner.


Mars One plans on having applicants participate in challenges and will let the public vote on their favorite applicants.

You see? That’s exactly like ‘America’s Next Top Model’!

Clearly, I’m voting for the astronaut who is able to “smize” the fiercest. (Tyra would be proud.)

To take a look at the intricate planning Mars One created to colonize Mars, check out this infographic: