For science fiction fans, there’s no shortage of love for gadgets so imagine our excitement when we heard that this new technological marvel would be hitting the market soon. The modlet, developed by New York City-based company ThinkEco, Inc., is a cute little gadget whose aim is to help you eliminate wasteful energy usage.

Most of us know that when you leave an appliance plugged in it will still drain electricity, even if it’s not being used. This is where the modlet comes in. This handy little device helps you auto-monitor your appliances so you can be sure none are behaving like electrical vampires. It was designed with ease-of-use in mind, and controlling your power usage has never been easier. With simple-to-install software, you’ll be able to see exactly which items in your home are being wasteful. And once this is determined, modlet will be then be able to set up a schedule based on the item’s usage history, so it’s off when you don’t use it and then back on again around the time you do.

Jun Shimada, President and CEO of ThinkEco, Inc. was quoted recently as saying, “There are more appliances and consumer electronics in homes today than ever before, and many draw power all the time, even if they are not being used. This wastes energy quietly and invisibly, in stark contrast to the very visible waste associated with other resources such as keeping your faucet on or idling your car. The good news is that the modlet can help to eliminate this wasteful use of power by intelligently scheduling outlets to automatically shut off power to plugged-in devices when they are not needed, and then turn them back on at a pre-set time based on historic usage patterns.”

The modlet will be available for purchase in the spring at a suggested retail price of $50. The starter kit will contain a two plug modlet and a USB receiver.

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