After 8 seasons on the air, there will finally be a way to stream ‘Dexter’ to your Netflix account! Yes it’s true! Dexter Morgan may have packed away his final blood slide but for many the journey isn’t over. On top of that, for many without Showtime it may have not yet begun!

That’s about to change.

CBS has just struck a deal with Netflix that they will be able to stream all eight seasons of everyone’s favorite serial killer on Instant Watch. However, with that being said, it won’t all be happening instantaneously. The first four seasons will be available starting on Halloween (October 31st, 2013) while seasons five through eight will be available on January 1st of 2014. As the showrunners had changed at this cutting point, many might be happy just watching the initial 4 seasons as they become available and call it a day. Not everyone was happy with the new direction of the show when Season 5 began and even the original showrunner wasn’t happy with the finale as he would have ended it differently. While I would have preferred the original showrunner’s vision of the series itself, I still felt it was enjoyable and worth seeing through to its completion.

So for those looking for a trick or treat on Halloween, Netflix clearly has a treat for you this year. If you have already seen the show, it’s a great chance to re-watch it in preparation for the upcoming spin-off that is in the works. With how great the show really was, even into the not-as-good seasons, watching the entire series again sounds more fun than just watching a recap before the eventual spin-off does start. Anyone have a guess which characters it will focus on yet?

To the Netflix users who haven’t had a chance to watch ‘Dexter’ in its entirety yet or want to re-watch it, are you looking forward to being able to stream it? Sound off below!

Source: Collider