A video has surfaced, filmed on the set of ‘Transformers: The Age of Extinction’, the fourth film in the franchise, which is essentially a complete reboot, with most of the human cast from the first three movies replaced by new characters this go-round.

While many extras and on-lookers have posted pictures and videos from the various shooting locations throughout the filming of this movie, the newest video may actually completely spoil the ending!  Don’t say you weren’t warned!

If you dare, click on the video below:

It’s very hard to make out, but at the beginning, we see Mark Wahlberg, the franchise’s new leading man, portraying a character that had previously been listed as Flynn Vincent, but is now listed as “Cade” on IMDB.  Cade is looking up while apparently listening to Optimus Prime, voiced by Peter Cullen, in a recording played over a loud speaker. It sounds as if the hero may be following a story line that mirrors the original ‘Transformers: The Movie’ and by that I mean the original-original, the animated “You Got The Touch” one.

Though it is hard to understand, it seems that this is what the heroic Autobot says:

“There remains a price on my head, and I risk endangering you if I stay. Cade when you find the remaining stones, mark one as my soul. Defend this family of Autobots, as they have you, goodbye, don’t forget me.”
That sounds… Ominous Prime.  Is this the end of the Autobots’ leader?  Will we see the introduction of Rodimus Prime, if that’s the case?
I’m not sure I buy them killing off one of their two most recognizable characters, but it could add a lot of drama if they at least hint at that.
How do you interpret this video?
At any rate, here are a few on-set pictures to hopefully soothe your pain: