After becoming one of the biggest stars of all time in professional wrestling, Dwayne Johnson went on to dominate Hollywood by becoming one of the most in demand action stars working today. In addition to putting in plenty of work with his company $7 Bucks Productions, The Rock is the face of multiple franchises including ‘G.I. Joe’ and ‘Fast & Furious’. And now he’s gearing up to star in DC & WB’s ‘Shazam’ as Black Adam. However, a new report says that the studio had him in mind for a different superhero.

While addressing rumors pertaining to the new Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe, El Mayimbe of Latino Review shared that the People’s Champ was once up for the part of John Stewart. But in an interesting turn of events, the reporter stated that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion passed on the role:

If you recall, there was a time that Johnson was teasing some kind of involvement in the new ‘Green Lantern’ movie. Although that all changed and the most electrifying man in all of entertainment switched gears and began to feed into the Black Adam rumors. Now, Johnson is confirmed for the villainous role and the search for Ryan Reynolds’ successor to the power ring continues.

Speaking of the next Green Lantern, if El Mayimbe’s report is true, then that means that John Stewart is coming to a movie theater near you. This makes so much sense since one would think that WB and DC would want to distance themselves as far as possible from the unfortunate 2011 adaptation directed by Martin Campbell. What better way to forget that version of Hal Jordan than to take him out of ‘Justice League’ all together, at least for now?

Finally, with The Rock out of contention for the Green Lantern Corps, who could take up the mantle in ‘Justice League Part One’ in 2017? There are a ton of great actors out there that could step into the role like Michael Jai White, Common, David Oyelowo, or even ‘Arrow’ star David Ramsey. Who would you like to see as the new Green Lantern in DC’s shared movie universe? Let us know in the comments below.