We still don’t have official confirmation from Sam Raimi (‘Oz the Great and Powerful‘) himself that he is set to return to direct ‘Army of Darkness 2’. However, according to Fede Alvarez who directed the amazing ‘Evil Dead‘ remake – Raimi will be returning to the director’s chair of this beloved franchise!

“Hail to the king, baby!”

Fede announced in March that he would be doing the ‘Evil Dead 2’ film. With rumors swirling of the upcoming return of Ash, he was recently asked on Twitter if he would be directing ‘Army of Darkness 2’. For once we see someone in Hollywood not being vague and he got right to the point with his response:

So while Raimi hasn’t chimed in, just about everyone around him has at this point. The best part of this is that it gives more weight to the rumor of an eventual crossover between the two series as was hinted at in the end of the current ‘Evil Dead’. Groovy!

With Fede mentioning it on Twitter and Bruce Campbell tossing in his two cents after being asked if there would be another one by saying “Alright sir, the answer is yes.”, it looks as if it is a done deal with two of the other major players involved already saying it’s a go. This is the sequel that many felt for years would never happen but it looks like the boomstick will be back!

While Raimi is reluctant to comment on a sequel (though he has stated that he has “so much fun making those movies” and loves “working with Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert”), he does joke that if he does direct an ‘Army of Darkness’ sequel, it would be because “the fans are really forcing me into it”. Regardless, it looks like things are finally moving forward on the film.

Hopefully whatever doubts he had on making a follow up to his 1992 classic have fallen to the wayside. While this is a movie I’ve been dying to see made for quite some time I’m mainly concerned with how pessimistic Raimi has been about making a sequel. Do you think they have a solid plot put together with a crossover in mind and Raimi is all in or is this just fan service that we may all end up regretting?

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