Happy (almost) Halloween, folks! We’re in the sweet spot of celebrating those things that go bump in the night and what better way to start off the tail end of the witching season than with the long-anticipated premiere of the NBC hit, ‘Grimm’.

Last season, Grimmsters were left with a coffin-closing cliffhanger when Nick, the resident Grimm, was hit with the Baron’s zombie-inducing toxin. The act was a part of a larger plan, enacted by Captain Renard’s scheming step-brother Eric. A part of one of the Royal Families, Eric wants control of a Grimm, which would give him a most powerful weapon in his political machinations. With Nick incapacitated and the paperwork created to transport the ‘dead’ body by plane, Eric leaves the scene, entrusting the Baron to deliver Nick to the airport and the awaiting plane.

While Nick is busy in his new catatonic trance, Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee are trying to flee the Baron’s zombie creations to no avail. Unable to flee the container yard, they take to higher ground but these aren’t ‘Walking Dead’ zombies. Though they are in a good place to defend themselves, it’s only a matter of time before they’re overwhelmed. Showing a level-headed ability to roll with the bizarre, Juliette phones Hank who brings the cavalry in record time (even for a television show), giving the tested trio some breathing room. Despite the chaos around him, Hank tries phoning Nick but gets Captain Renard, freshly done from a half hexenbiest hulk-out to dispatch his own zombified foes. He drives towards the chaos and the main group—minus Sgt, Wu—race to the airport, hoping to stop the Baron from taking off with Nick. Not surprisingly, they arrive just as the plane takes off for who knows where and Juliette takes her frustration out on Renard, delivering an “I mean business” slap before demanding he get Nick back. Renard promises to do what he can but with their hands somewhat tied, they know the focus has to go to mass-producing the cure for the dozens of zombies being contained by Sgt Wu back at the container yard.

He’s awaaaaaake…

In the air, the Baron is quite pleased with himself, showcasing all the clichés of an adversary who thinks the game is over; drinking top shelf liquor, smoking a victory cigar and chuckling heartily. His merriment is interrupted when he hears the knock, knock, knocking on the coffin door. He stalks towards it when Nick blasts out of the metal prison. He’s not himself but, to the Baron’s chagrin, is certainly not the same mindlessly controllable specimen the Baron expected. The two fight throughout the plane until they tumble into the cockpit, causing a severe nosedive towards the earth. The Baron tries to regain control of Nick to no avail and the plane makes a violent and unscheduled landing in the wilderness.

At the shop, Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette feverishly work on manufacturing more of the cure for the zombified victims. There’s not enough time to use the injection method as quite a few people would die. Quite by accident the trio realizes the best solution is to transmute the cure into an aerosol form, both a faster and safer way to introduce it to the victims. While they work on the cure, Renard contacts the Man. He’s tired of playing Eric’s games and instructs the Man to get Miesner on Eric. Based on the Man’s reaction, Miesner’s the ‘I’m ending your life’ closer. The Man is concerned about his safety after pulling the pin on such a lethal grenade and Renard tells him to stay close to the Family and “don’t forget to look shocked”.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette return to the container yards with the treatment.  Though it takes a few minutes to work, they successfully administer the cure and the screaming for ‘brains!’ (figuratively speaking) is replaced by a container full of confused people.

Our tenacious trio deliver the cure to the Baron’s toxin

Renard is giving instructions on dispatching his brother when Hank comes in on news of the plane crash. He calls Monroe and the others, giving the info on the crash. Hank and Renard find the Baron’s corpse and the spectacularly surviving pilots but no Nick. Juliette, Rosalee, and Monroe arrive just as Hank gets a 911 call on a disturbance at a bar a couple of miles down the road.

The discombobulated Nick is that disturbance and has done best Ah-nold ‘Terminator 2’ impression, laying the smack down on bikers and women alike, lost in a red eye haze. By the time they arrive on the scene, Nick’s long gone. Of course, no trail’s lost when you’ve got a bloodhound…or Blutbad on the case. Monroe and Hank traverse the woods, hot on Nick’s trail as the Grimm remains in his own state of disorientation, thanks to the Baron’s poisonous loogie and the voices caroming through his head. To make things worse, he’s headed for a family just getting home for the night and stalks toward his newest target, madness in his eyes.

As chaos is going down in Portland, Adalind’s in Austria (with the help of Stefania and, quite against her will, a dead Frau Pech) and taking part in the trials to regain her hexenbiest powers. At Stefania’s command, she mutilates Frau Pech’s corpse and thanks to the hacked off parts and the former witch’s heart (plus some blood magic), things are looking like roses for with the whiny Adalind as she’s very close to regaining her powers which, combined with a baby of royal blood growing in her womb, signifies a very real threat to the white hats. A threat they have no idea is so close to returning.

Grimm News

  • As Rosalee said, the Baron’s toxin has affected Nick in a much different way than the other victims. His status as Grimm seems to be able to manipulate his deficiencies (temporarily losing his sight in last season’s ‘Mr. Sandman’ greatly heightened his spatial awareness) and the voices seem to be acting as some sort of conduit. A conduit to what, I have no idea but there’s no doubt he’ll come out a stronger Grimm in the end.
  • It has to be tough for Juliette, possibly losing Nick not too long after her memories returned. Despite that, she’s handled everything thrown at her. I gave her a hard time for how she treated Nick towards the end of last season but, to be fair, not many people would have been able to handle the truck-ton of scheisse thrown in her general direction. This will no doubt strengthen her and Nick’s relationship and just in time as…
  • …the hexen-bitch is close to returning to form. From the start, Adalind has been a villain I’ve always despised and now, with her soon-to-be returned powers and the special bun in the oven, she’s going to be a Cactuar-sized thorn in the side (or back, she’s a sneaky one) of our heroes.

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