The Ecto-1a is in dire need of a repair and to get that done, fans of the classic franchise need to step in and make their voices heard! When ‘Ghostbusters II’ was released in 1989, one of the cooler portions of the film was the Ecto-1a. With a new sequel came a new car and while it was pretty spectacular in the film, 24 years have taken their toll on the old gal.

The original Ecto-1 from the first ‘Ghostbusters’ movie has recently been restored. Sadly though, a lack of funding from Sony Pictures is preventing the studio from restoring the beloved Ecto-1A.

There is hope, though. The group ‘Ghostbusters Fans’ is petitioning to buy the car and its parts from Sony Pictures so that she can be restored to “the condition she was seen in the silver screen in 1989.” If you and fellow fans speak up, with enough support they may just get this done.

At the time of writing this the petition has just over 7,250 signatures. I’m assuming they are going to need quite a few more to get Sony’s attention, but on top of the signatures they are also taking a pledge for donations that will help fund the purchasing of the automobile, assuming Sony agrees to sell it of course.

For fans of the movie, this is a worthwhile goal to see the Ecto-1a both restored and in the hands of fans of the franchise who will keep it up for hopefully generations to come. If you want to see an idea of what may be done with it, here’s a video that showed the restoration of the Ecto-1 and what could be in store for the 1a if this gets approved or Sony coughs up a little extra bit of money.

Who knows? If they can put this together maybe it’ll end up being in ‘Ghostbusters 3‘? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Even though we may have a loose idea of the plot of a third film it’s highly doubtful it’ll ever see the light of day.

Source: Cinema Blend