In ‘X-Men Legacy’ #17 we saw the continuation of one of the most epic fights of all time. It was a grudge match of the actual son vs. spiritual son of Charles Xavier when Legion and Cyclops went head to head. It was the line up of the century and, of course, when Legion is involved it’s kind of like the idea behind the ‘Transformers’; there is “more than meets the eye” going on.

The last issue closed with Legion having merged with the sick mutant and being turned into the giant demonic beast that is set to destroy all of mutant-kind. At this point another person who likes to play games was revealed as Blindfold’s disembodied brother shows up to prevent her from dealing the deathblow to Blindfold and save all of the mutants. So does this mean all of mutant-kind is now done with?

Of course not! We quickly find out that once again the entire thing is a sham. Legion was aware that Blindfold’s brother was on the loose possessing people and killing mutants. He couldn’t let that stand in general and set this entire event up in order to stop this madman. Only maybe his trickery looked a little too well done. As it wound down, it was clear he had won. He made a point to Scott that such a petty rivalry was really under him at this point. He doesn’t care what he looks like to others, he just wants to get the job of saving people done. Oddly enough, though, while Blindfold is in the issue and her brother is Legion’s goal, they don’t have any of the back and forth that they’ve slipped in everywhere else. In fact she barely even has a chance to offer up any of her signature apologies throughout the issue.

While Legion does have advanced sight, it would appear that he can’t predict every single outcome. In setting up Cyclops and his X-Men for the fight, he played dirty in order to get what he wanted. What Legion didn’t know though is that the X-Men were playing dirty as well and now Legion is suddenly finding himself once again not being able to control his psyche, and his powers and personalities might becoming overwhelming. While that happens one of his personalities manages to escape.

Good job Cyclops and company! It’s great that you are once again doing such a wonderful job since losing your minds during the last Phoenix crisis.

At least now we know the series isn’t coming to an end yet. The mysterious Golden Xavier is on the loose and was a major loose end. While he was being held captive, it’s good to see he isn’t going to be ignored and should be the focus on what Legion is up to next. Who is he actually? We still don’t know aside that his ex-wife made it clear he wasn’t really Charles (which was obvious from both his actions and the fact that the real Xavier’s brain is being abused by the Red Skull at the moment.)

While I’m feeling that the on and off again control of his powers is getting a little old at this point,  I still have to say that Spurrier is writing one of my favorite current titles.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Khoi Pham