*Pics And Spoilers- Be Warned*

Look who’s headed back to the realm of The CW’s veteran series ‘Supernatural’… Geek Girl extraordinaire Felicia Day, reprising her role as fan-favorite computer whiz Charlie Bradbury.  You may recall that her last appearance on the show was QUITE the tear-jerker (‘The Hobbit!!!).  Let’s hope this time around is just a smidge perkier.

The episode, mysteriously named “Slumber Party” also features the return of the Men of Letters and will reveal new chambers in their secret headquarters, including the garage, which is of particular interest for Dean.

Jensen Ackles (Dean) says that this is something that he’s “been begging for… ever since we introduced the Men of Letters because it’s like, ‘Come on, really? We’re just leaving the Impala parked out on the street, covering it up with some bushes and stuff?’… Baby’s finally got some place to sleep.”

Now as for that Oz connection, in a far corner of the Men of Letters base the Winchesters accidentally set loose Dorothy (Tiio Horn) and the Wicked Witch (Maya Massar).  Dorothy had earlier trapped both of them there, presumably to save the world from the Witch.

As a bonus, here are a few shots to catch you up on Castiel’s current situation.  If you’ve been keeping up, Castiel is now mortal and cut off from the Winchesters and is being hunted by the other Fallen Angels.  In this first picture, we see Cas (Misha Collins) living as a hobo.

But in case that state of affairs weren’t bad enough, it looks like things are about to get far worse!

That’s gotta sting!

Here is the official synopsis for the episode:

The Winchesters call Charlie in to help them with a Men of Letters computer, only to discover a magical green-webbed wall that leads to the land of Oz. Now the trio must join forces with Dorothy to stop the Wicked Witch from traveling to the real world and wrecking havoc.

There are no traces of this magical land of Oz in the pictures, but I’m sure they don’t want to show us everything.  Keep in mind this will be the fourth episode, so there’s still one more to air before that, “I’m No Angel.”

Are you a Charlie fan?  Are you intrigued by an Oz tie-in, or are you wondering “When did this become ‘Once Upon A Time’?”  Comment below!

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