While ‘Infinity’ is currently occupying every Marvel fan’s pull list, a number of the biggest names at the House of Ideas came together at New York Comic Con at the ‘Inhumanity & All-New Marvel NOW’ panel to discuss what would be coming after The Avengers finished their simultaneous scuffle with the Builders and Thanos. Moderated by Tom Brevoort, this event brought together Editor In Chief Alex Alonso, editor Mark Paniccia, and writers Jonathan Hickman, Dan Slott, Kieron Gillen, and Kelly Sue DeConnick to share some news about what’s to come in a few existing titles as well as to announce some brand new ones too.

To begin with, the panel reiterated the news that Matt Fraction’s ‘Inhumanity’ #1 would be coming in December and a number of books in the line would be tying into this event. Books like ‘Avengers A.I’, ‘Indestructible Hulk’, ‘New Avengers’, and ‘Uncanny Avengers’ will show how different areas of the Marvel Universe will react to the emergence of all the new Inhumans on Earth. But after showing off artwork from these tie-ins, one more was talked about with much enthusiasm. It was here that we learned that DeConnick’s ‘Avengers Assemble’ would be adding the incomparable Warren Ellis to the creative team for issues #22-23 and will be featuring fan-favorite former Young Allies and Avengers Academy member Anya Corazon.

Next, Paniccia was supposed to talk about the upcoming event ‘Cataclysm’, but he became so overcome with emotion over what’s being teased as the “end of the Ultimate Universe” that he removed himself from the room until they changed the topic. However, in his absence, Brevoort showed some covers from the books involved, including one that prominently features Galactus standing among a sea of nothing. With no details shared at the panel, we don’t really know what to expect from this story, but it sounds like it’ll be quite the emotional rollercoaster.

The panel then moved on to a number of new series coming up. The first one was ‘All-New Invaders’ from James Robinson and Steve Pugh. Featuring Namor, the Human Torch, the Winter Soldier, and Captain America, this book is said to bring the Golden Age of comics right into today with a tale that sees the original Invaders revisit a mission that was long forgotten. Apparently, the Kree have uncovered a device that the team had thought was long hidden that controls Asgardians and they aim to use it to turn the tide against their enemies. But it’s up to the men who hid the machine in the first place to get it back before some serious damage is done.

After that, similar to ‘The Avengers’ panel earlier in the weekend, they started to get into the teasers that Marvel has been putting out in the weeks leading up to the con. The first one revealed was for the “Defend” teaser. This one ended up being for ‘Iron Patriot’ #1 by Ales Kot and Garry Brown. Spinning out of the pages of ‘Secret Avengers’, Rhodey becomes fed up with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attempt at their own team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and decides that it’s time for him to switch gears and defend the home front instead. Not much else was discussed about this new book, but somehow it came up that Young Avenger Miss America would be popping up in some way. Considering how big that character has gotten in Gillen’s ‘Young Avengers’, we’ll see how she get involved with the former War Machine’s new story.

The next teaser “Overdrive” is for a brand new ‘Ghost Rider’ #1 from Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. Coming in March 2014, this book is said to feature Ghost Rider like we’ve never seen him before. Brevoort exclaimed that this is his favorite book out of the whole All-New Marvel NOW line, so that in itself should say something about the currently mysterious new series.

Finally, the panel finished off with the reveal that the “Rad!” teaser was for ‘Silver Surfer’ #1 by Dan Slott and Mike Allred. Set for release in March 2014 as well, this book sounded a lot like a Marvel version of ‘Doctor Who’. To my understanding, the former herald of Galactus will meet a kindred spirit in the form of an Earth girl that he invites to travel the galaxy with him. For the first time, rather than being a lone sentinel in the universe, the Surfer will have a companion. Slott, who happens to be a huge sci-fi and ‘Doctor Who’ fan, expressed his great excitement to work on this series, despite all the work that he’s putting in for the Spidey office at the moment because the Silver Surfer was the Marvel Hero that got him started when he was young. Of all the things that were shared at this panel, I’m most excited for this one because the art looks simply amazing.

For more pictures from upcoming ‘Inhumanity’, ‘Cataclysm, and ‘All-New Marvel NOW’ books, check out the gallery below: