In 2017 DisneyWorld’s Animal Kingdom will be getting an ‘Avatar Land’ attraction. It’s been in the talks for years and now it officially has a target opening date. With ‘Avatar 2’ to be released in December 2016 this attraction looks to be opened in time for the third film’s release. If you are in Orlando, Florida you are already in luck. If you are tentatively looking to plan a trip, 2017 might just be the year you want to head over there.

Details of Avatar Land were recently shown off at the first ever-D23 Expo that took place in Japan!

At the expo they released the above photo of James Cameron, Walt Disney Parks & Resort’s Chairman Tom Staggs and Imagineer Joe Rohde who all were looking at a scale model of what the park will end up looking like upon completion. How awesome does that one look?

Avatar Land will include a full set of places to stop at. The area will have a water ride, a flying simulator, a bio luminescent jungle walk, and at night when you are outside, ‘Avatar Land’ the Tree of Life will be transformed into the ‘Mother Tree’ which will probably cause the park to be open later. I think the very fact they are having it change depending on the time of day is a masterful stroke that will never be a gimmick that gets old, well until ‘Avatar’ loses it’s luster at least.

So What’s Avatar Land all about? Here’s the official synopsis of the attraction:

Our combined team has taken huge steps forward in “imagineering” Pandora as a real place for our guests to see, hear and touch. As these concept renderings show in epic scale, in the world of AVATAR guests will encounter awe-inspiring floating mountains and wander through a nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants that are alive with light and sound. Guests will also discover what it feels like to soar into the sky riding a Banshee.

What’s neat is that while it’s an expansion on the existing park there is room already built into the park to make this work. It will require a minor moving of the current Lion King attraction but that seems to be a small sacrifice with everything that is going to be put in!

“The new Avatar-themed land will be located between Africa and the Oasis and will encompass and expand beyond the area currently known as Camp Minnie-Mickey. The Festival of the Lion King is moving its tribal celebration to an all-new theater in the Africa section of the park.”

Are you excited to be able to visit ‘Avatar Land’ on it’s opening in 2017? Is that too far out or seem just about the right time to know how far in advance to plan a family Disney vacation? We’ll keep you updated with more details and the exact opening date as it becomes available!

Source: Slashfilm