I suppose taking advantage of the large audience at New York Comic-Con, TNT is getting a jump on things by previewing their science fiction hit ‘Falling Skies’ which is heading into its fourth season and won’t hit until next summer.  Show runner David Eick and series star Doug Jones who plays Cochise appeared to offer teasing clues as to what to expect once the new season kicks off and to unveil a sizzle reel featuring intriguing clips.

Their clues remained fairly vague– you don’t want to spoil things this far in advance.  They mentioned that separation is an ongoing theme (which makes more sense once you watch the video, which IS a tad more spoiler-y than their verbal delivery) as is the moon (ditto).  Jones assured that his character Cochise would be present, as would The Volm.  Eick cryptically stated that they drew inspiration for the new season from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.  That one is hard to figure out, since that movie was kind of a downer.  They also revealed that the series was being expanded to 12 episodes, up from the usual 10.

Like I said, the video reveals a lot more specific details and the show doesn’t return for many months, so if you don’t like spoilers, you may want to skip this part.  But if you’re feeling brave, click on the video below:

The “separation” theme makes sense as it looks like “the gang” is on the move when they get separated and must scatter.  It looks like Tom (Noah Wylie) and Weaver (Will Patton) wind up cornered someplace, hiding out.  We see Ben waking up in a hospital bed, after suffering some sort of injury.  And Matt winds up at some “brain washing” academy and seems to fall under their spell.  And the final shot of some “moon girl” is the most mysterious.  Who is she and how does she factor in?  Not every character gets equal time, most notably Hal, but it’s still early, so I’m sure new footage will emerge over time as next summer approaches.

I kind of like the idea of them dispersing the cast, presumably into different pairings or groupings that might bring out new aspects of their characters.  The Matt storyline seems the creepiest, although it sort of reminds me of what was going on in season one with Ben.  Kind of.

Season three just wrapped a few months ago, but NYCC is a huge platform and there aren’t a lot of big cons before the show relaunches, so I suppose it makes sense for them to get a jump on things early.  What do you think?

Are you a fan and what do you think of the new footage?

Source ScreenCrush