In an interesting turn of events, ‘True Blood’ has been given an ending. With the ending of the book series this year, I wasn’t too surprised with this news.  In my opinion, just as with the books, when the fae were introduced to the series is when the series lost its edge. I know that the series isn’t ending for lack of viewers, but I wonder how many still watch the show because it is good, or because they have already invested the time into it?

I know this is why I still watch the series. It was why I continued to read the books, even after author Charlaine Harris had made it clear she was done with the story but had a contract to fulfill. I can’t even tell you what happened in the books, because I literally read them just to finish it. But as soon it wasn’t about vampires anymore is when I stopped feeling interested, and just was reading because at one point it was something I enjoyed. I feel this way about the series. I didn’t even watch the show as it aired, I sat and watched the season when it was completed. The ending of this season was one that made me scratch my head. Zombie vampires? Why did they kill Warlow off so quickly, when he was easily a stretchable character for being a series ending? How does it take less than 6 months for Sam to become Mayor of Bon Temps, when he was a bar owner to begin with? Alcide and Sookie are together now, which eliminates vampires even more from the story, which again, is why we started watching in the first place.

So am I glad that ‘True Blood’ is ending? Very much so. I hope it gets a better ending then the books. I truly hope that the final season is one worth watching, and not one that I feel like I can wait to watch until it is over. I am a completionist, so of course I will finish it. But I wonder if it will be a show that will be missed when all is said and done.