Last week, a killer ‘Wonder Woman’ fan-made trailer hit the Internet and blew up, clocking in at 2.5 million views and counting.  Produced by independent studio Rainfall Films, the short film stars Rileah Vanderbilt as a butt-kicking Wonder Woman and was directed by Sam Balcomb.

The short has many people wondering why DC/Warner Brothers have yet to deliver the Amazon princess to the big screen.

‘Good Morning America’ decided to investigate, profiling the amazing fan-film, while also referencing Lynda Carter’s iconic take on the role.  A take, sadly, as the investigation points out, ended over 34 years ago.

Reporter Chris Connelly spoke to Sam Balcomb who explained, “Part of the intention [of the fan film] was to show that there is an audience for this character.  People really want to see Wonder Woman in her own feature film.  There’s no bigger female super hero than her.”

Connelly even brazenly questions if sexism may play a part in keeping her out of the public eye.  A query that is actually backed up by The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, who pointed out “A male super hero can get many chances at bat to be a movie or a TV show, but with women super heroes, you only get one chance.”

No kidding!  Can you imagine if ‘Batman & Robin‘ meant that Batman could never have another movie?  The Nolan trilogy would have never happened, which may have meant that no DC character would have ever gotten a film.  ‘Superman Returns‘ underperformed in 2006, but just seven years later, we got ‘Man of Steel’.  The situation was even more extreme for The Hulk.  The first ‘Hulk’ bombed in 2003, yet just five years later, there was another, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ which ALSO tanked but then four years later, Marvel trotted the character out again as part of ‘The Avengers’!  (Granted, that time they got it right.)  But at no point would anyone think the reason any of these failed was because they starred a man in the leading role!

But Connolly points out the failures of ‘Catwoman’ and ‘Elektra’ two one-and-done losers as examples of characters who weren’t offered a chance at redemption.  (One could argue that Anne Hathaway’s role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ refutes that, but she was just a supporting character.)

But the ‘GMA’ panel certainly seemed enthusiastic about seeing a new Wonder Woman although everyone acknowledged that trying to live up to Lynda Carter would be a difficult task for anyone.

Watch the entire video below:

2.5 million views?!  Granted many of those are probably the same folks re-watching it.  Again and again and again.  But that has to say something!  People want to see Wonder Woman on the big screen.  Warner Brothers needs to stop over-thinking things and make it happen.  You don’t have to make any sweeping changes.  Just boil her down to her essence, Amazon warrior sent as a representative of peace into the world of man.