Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman fans can rejoice for two reasons now. Not only will they be able to read his earlier works that haven’t been available for a long time, but when they do it will be for a great cause!

Announced in Infinity, an free online graphic and sequential arts magazine, the publisher, Knockabout Comics (who have published the likes of Alan Moore), will be teaming up with ‘Sequential’, a digital comic reading app, to bring us the Neil Gaiman’s “lost” comic strips from the 1980s. These will feature collaborations with well-known talents such as Bryan Talbot (creator of ‘The Adventures of Luther Arkwright’, which was made into an audio drama where the eponymous main characters was voiced by ‘Doctor Who’s’ David Tennant) and Dave McKean (who is currently making a book with evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins). In addition, there will be a very rare interview with Gaiman, as well as some of his typed notes from ‘The Sandman’.

All in all, it will be a must-have for Neil Gaiman and fantasy fans alike, especially for those dedicated fans of ‘The Sandman’.

Initially, the comic will be free to download, with each download contributing 50 cents to the charity Malaria No More. Malaria No More is a charity dedicated to the prevention and eradication of malaria through treatment and education which specifically works in Africa.

The release date is so far unknown, but stay tuned! Sequential’s twitter account can be found here, and purchased here.

Source: Infinity #4