After teasing us from issue number one, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ has finally joined in on ‘Original Sin.’ Like many other Marvel heroes, Peter Parker has learned a deep, dark secret about his past that looks to have a huge impact on his future.

When we last left the web-slinger, he was deeply embroiled in a battle against a scorned Black Cat. Since she briefly went toe to toe with the Superior Spider-Man, she has been in jail. But thanks to some good luck, she’s out and about and looking for some revenge on her former friend and lover. Now, while Felicia Hardy is lurking in the shadows to formulate her plan, Spidey is among the many people within range of The Orb’s truth bomb. Because of the Watcher’s eye, Peter learns about Cindy Moon, the girl bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him superpowers all those years ago.

Though we haven’t known her for very long, I’m already in love with Cindy. She’s so bubbly and whimsical and all over the place. A lot of that definitely has to do with being locked up in a bunker for a good portion of her life, so it’s possible that she could cool down as the series progresses, but as of now, I’d consider myself a fan of Silk.

Besides her cheery disposition (except when she’s yelling at Pete), I love the fact that we basically have an Asian Spider-Man now. When I was a kid first getting into comics, Spider-Man was definitely one of my top five favorite characters. I related to him so much since he was a young kid stumbling through his life trying to make the best of things, all while being a superhero. Though I wouldn’t have put it in these terms back then, I related to the character so much since I didn’t always have the best luck even if I tried my best. The only difference was that I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in the Spidey stories that I read. Now, with the addition of Silk to Marvel mythology, maybe young fans who were in my place will get to see that people like them can be A-list superheroes just like Spider-Man. I know that this is something that I’ve talked about a lot lately in my reviews, but it seems like comics is the only medium that really nailing it in the representation department, so I have to show my appreciation for it.

Moving back towards the issue itself, I like how Dan Slott set the pace of the story. There were a lot of emotional ups and downs in this issue and though things went by fast, it wasn’t rushed. However, there was one thing that could have been improved on. My only hang up that I had with this issue was that we didn’t have enough information on Ezekiel. Usually, I find myself seeing too much exposition, but in this case a little bit more of it would have been beneficial.

As if you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoyed this issue. I’m glad that comic creators are becoming more diverse with some of the biggest names in the superhero genre and I look forward to seeing more of it from here on out. Furthermore, I’m also excited to see how things progress with Spider-Man and Silk as things move from ‘Original Sin’ to ‘Spider-Verse’. This has steadily been one of my favorite books whenever it’s released and I can’t wait to swing into the next issue.

Final Score:




Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, & Edgar Delgado