It was only a couple of days ago that we showed you the first ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ set photo and now we finally get to show off the cast.

No, this isn’t the first look at the Autobots! It’s the first look at the cast who are taking over for Shia Labeouf as his character won’t be featured in this film.

So thanks to Michael Bay for posting this one. Here we see Mark Wahlberg (‘2 Guns’), Nicola Peltz (‘The Last Airbender’) and Jack Reynor hanging out in front of a defunct gas station. Wahlberg will be playing a mechanic named Cade, a struggling inventor and single father, who finds something important. Peltz will be playing his teenage daughter named Tessa and behind her will be Reynor who is playing her boyfriend that also happens to be a race car driver.

You can’t really say too much is going on here. Wahlberg is standing rather stoically looking off in the distance in front of this abandoned gas station. His daughter’s character looks to be sadly looking at the ground and while she’s just holding her hair in one hand and has her hand on her coat in the other it kind of looks like she’s undressing for some odd reason. Her boyfriend is also sadly looking at the ground and is probably annoyed that his girl is about to take off her coat and he can’t look or her dad might get angry.

Either that or I’m misreading it and this is an emotional moment where they are all coming to terms with the fact that their lives have just been overturned from becoming involved with the transformers. One or the other. We’ll keep you updated as more actual plot details trickle out!

So what do you think about the new casting choices for the major non-military based humans in the film? Are you happy to see Shia out and some new blood in? Do you think they’ll explain why he’s no longer around or just gloss over it? Sound off below!

Directed by Michael Bay, ‘Transformers 4′ hits theaters June 27th, 2014. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Bingbing Li and T.J. Miller.

Source: Slash Film.