If you have allergies, you can barely handle one nose. But two noses? With flu season approaching, I can barely imagine… Either way, a man in China is currently growing a second nose on his forehead.

No, this isn’t some new double-nose fashion trend. He’s actually growing a second nose for medical reasons.

The man’s original nose suffered damage and an infection following a car accident that destroyed the cartilage. Because the cartilage in the nose was destroyed, doctors couldn’t fix his original nose. Therefore, the medical team decided to grow an entirely new nose on the man’s forehead using similar techniques that a plastic surgeon would use, according to Dr. David Cangello, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

“I would call it a different take on principles that we commonly use in reconstruction,” he stated.

To reconstruct the man’s nose, tissue expanders were placed under the man’s forehead. These expanders allow the skin to stretch so doctors could shape a new nose using screws and plates. Then, the doctors took cartilage from the man’s ribs and filled the nose. Once the cartilage is harvested and ready, doctors will then move the forehead nose to the place, you know, where the nose goes.

Though it sounds crazy, these procedure isn’t too unlike the regular procedure that would take place to repair a nose.

“We typically take cartilage from the rib, and we put it right where the nose structure would already be, and we bring the skin flap over it and cover it,” Cangello stated.

So, it looks like the man won’t have two noses for too long.

Let’s just hope he gets an adequate amount of time to play “Got your Noses”!

Source: News.Discovery.com