Daniel Myrick (‘The Blair Witch Project’) has a new indie thriller that was just picked up called ‘Under the Bed’. This film shouldn’t be confused with another movie out with the same name that was released in 2012 and can currently be seen on Video on Demand or home video which has to do with two brothers fighting a monster under the bed. This film is a thriller about a stalker plain, but not simple.

Myrick is responsible for both writing and directing duties on ‘Under the Bed’ and is supposedly inspired by true events. Of course, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was billed as being based on true events as well so whose to say how true it all is. The concept is based on a stalker that lives under the bed of his female target and manipulates her life for his own gain until he finally reveals himself to her.

I’m curious how they are going to have a stalker actually successfully living under this girl’s bed for the entire time he’s stalking her and still manage to manipulate things for his own gain. I mean how big is this space under the bed? How’s he getting in and out without being noticed? How is the entirety of this film going to work with suspense where we continuously see shots of him being under the bed?

Radar Pictures who previously helped put out ‘Riddick‘, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, and ‘The Amityville Horror’ have decided to dip their budget into the horror genre once more.

On the production side of things we’ll see Ted Field, Mike Weber, and Sean Papazian producing. Tom Van Dell, Eustace Hicks, and Aldo LaPietra will be executive producing the film.

Casting is expected to begin immediately and Myrick is quickly moving forward with this project. Currently Radar is in talks with more domestic partners and will represent the film’s domestic rights.

Are you excited for a new film by one of the creators of ‘The Blair Witch Project’? He revolutionized indie horror with the shaky cam concept which has worked both successfully and caused many headache to horror lovers the world over. What will he have in mind this time around? More shaky cam? Standard horror? Or will we be seeing something new once more.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter