That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it looks as if Arnold Schwarzenegger may be playing the main bad guy in the sequel to ‘Avatar’. While it hasn’t been confirmed at the moment that’s how things appear to be shaping up.

While I was looking forward to the second installment of the film (I wasn’t floored by the first one but I felt it was really enjoyable), this piece of casting news has caught my interest. As someone who grew up with Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the top action stars (who always fit well in fantasy and science fiction films) this seems to be a casting mix made in heaven for fans of his action career. Could this also be a hint at more action planned for the sequel? Only time will tell.

So, what will his role actually consist of?

Well in the first of sequel of this 4 mega-movie franchise, it will be taking place directly where the first film left off. Sam Worthington (‘Wrath of the Titans‘) will be reprising his role as Jake Sully who had fully transferred his consciousness to his Na’vi avatar and given up his human life. He will be living with Zoe Saldana (‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) who is back as Princess Neytiri. Sounds good? Well Cameron had this to say about that:

“It would be a continuation of their story and I expect that those nasty humans didn’t go away forever: ‘Oh, well that didn’t work!’ ”

According to Latino Review, one of these nasty humans is going to be a general for the Earth’s military who plans on taking Pandora back. That general is said to be played by Schwarzenegger.

It’s been 20 years since Schwarzenegger worked with Cameron. Together, they made the box office hits ‘Terminator’, ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’, and ‘True Lies,’ so clearly they have a successful track record working together. Also with ‘Avatar’ grossing $2.7 billion at the box office, it’s a film ripe for a franchise.

Again this isn’t confirmed though Arnold did go on record earlier this year about wanting to work with Cameron again.

“Movie-wise, he’s tied up with his next two movies, but hopefully, there’s something down the line when he’s finished with that. I always look forward to working with him because Cameron is a very talented director.”

Personally, I’m excited to see Arnold returning to the genre films I enjoyed him in. Yes he’ll always be an action star, but when you mix him, action, AND science fiction? I’ve always felt magic happens. Hell, I’m really looking forward to seeing him in ‘Terminator 5’, possibly ‘The Toxic Avenger’, ‘Maggie’, and ‘The Legend of Conan’. I really hope this rumor ends up in the true pile.

What do you thing about Arnold joining the ‘Avatar 2’ cast? Is this something you’d be excited to see happen?