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Sony’s long-in-development movie based on R.L. Stone’s popular youth horror books ‘Goosebumps’ may have taken one step closer to actually getting made.  Jack Black is reportedly in negotiations to star in the movie, which will be directed by Rob Letterman, who previously worked with Black on ‘Shark Tale’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’

Reportedly, the story will center on an R.L. Stine-like author (played by Black) whose fictional creations begin to come to life, presumably wreaking havoc. Last heard, Darren Lemke was signed on to write the script but whether this version of the tale was from his screenplay is unknown. Lemke previously penned ‘Jack The Giant Slayer‘ and the recently released Dreamworks animated film ‘Turbo’.

In addition to the best-selling books, ‘Goosebumps’ was also a hit television series in the 90s. It was ranked as the highest rated children’s show for three years in a row.

The books balance real frights with lighter humorous elements to keep things from getting too intense for younger audiences.  Black is already a hit with this demographic, so hopefully he’ll prove to be a big draw.  Though usually known for his manic comedic roles, Black has played other types over the years and even received acclaim recently for his depiction of real like serial killer Bernie Tiede in the indie hit ‘Bernie.’  The fact that Black and Letterman have worked together in the past may help matters.  But then again, their previous films weren’t… very good.  Hopefully, things will go better this time around.  Perhaps with the ‘Goosebumps’ name attached, a better story will emerge.

Stine, however, takes a more cautious stance, saying he’ll believe it when he sees it, citing the fifty year gap between the publication of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and its eventual film adaptation.

What do you think?  This film has supposedly been in development for years.  Will it finally arrive in theaters with Jack Black attached?  Are you looking forward to it?  And which horrors from the books would you like to see?  (I hope they leave that dummy out!  *Shudder!*)

Source: CinemaBlend