It’s been no surprise that Wolverine would become killable this year. With the loss of his healing factor (hey this has happened before) we might finally see Logan die.

It’d be one way to keep him from popping up in 20 books a time until they brought him back to life.

We skipped the last two issues as they really felt like filler fluff with Wolverine moping and Mystique messing with his head. It was ‘Wolverine’ #6′ where we last left off and since then not a whole much has happened that was interesting. The last issue did end with Mystique texting Wolverine a picture of her sneaking up on some of his students with a sword though.

Don’t worry. No students were harmed in the inking of this comic. Wolverine and the X-Men he is with investigates what happened. It was all Mystique using ninjas and her powers to sneak into the school. In the end she steals his sword and leaves him a little note but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Beast makes him promise that in his current condition he won’t go chasing down Mystique or anyone else that is gunning for him. He replies with “I ain’t going nowhere… scout’s honor”

Of course this leads to Wolverine taking out the Blackbird to track down his sword. Kitty snuck aboard knowing he had it planned and asks how he could lie to Henry like that? His response was that he used a double negative and he was never a scout

As they are moving towards their target the plane is suddenly shot down by Batroc. You know. Batroc the Leaper? That mercenary with the mustache that tangles with Captain American on occasion. If it wasn’t for his gaudy outfit I’m sure we’d have all forgotten about him by now.

Thanks to Kitty saving Logan (or he’d be toast right now) they are able to fight it out. Batroc keeps getting the upper hand but Wolverine soon realizes he’s being talked into fighting in a certain style and ends up popping his claws right into Batroc’s stomach. He won’t be leaping anytime soon but does use a transportation device to get away to safety.

Before he leaves, there is mention that a lot of people are now gunning for Wolverine and the $10 million bounty that is on his head since he actually can be killed now. With that in mind, Logan still says he needs to push forward on his journey. Kitty asks where they are going as she won’t leave his side now and finds out that they are going to where he grew up.

If they are visiting the Howlett family home I can almost suspect that Dog might be about to show up. They’ve been featuring him a lot lately so it would be an easy way to work him into this story.

It’s going to be kind of fun seeing Logan go through the gambit of villains who want his head. The problem is it’s nothing new and if they are going to kill him I would expect it to be during a major event and oddly enough not just in his own title. Also, it’s nice to return to this title and  I enjoyed more than I expected after the last 4-5 issues.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis