In honor of Superman’s 75th birthday, Canada is minting a series of coins to pay tribute to the iconic hero.  The Royal Canadian Mint will produce seven special coins to commemorate the first costumed super hero that range in value from $10 to $750!  You can order them all, but a few are extremely limited.  And yes, all are inscribed with some Kryptonese, which unfortunately I don’t know, so I can’t translate.  Check them out below!

First the “cheap” one, the $10 silver coin:

Next, the $15 New 52 Superman:

Next a $20 coin dubbed the “Man of Steel” featuring artwork by Jim Lee:

Another coin worth $20 simply featuring Superman’s classic S-Shield:

Another $20 silver coin named “Metropolis” showing the Man of Steel soaring above a holographic city:

They even employed lenticular art for a 50 cent coin which allows Superman to transform from classic to modern:And finally, the $75 gold coin coin featuring the cover art to ‘Superman’ #1:

Though the coin is worth $75, it will cost you $750 to order it!

And while you’re at it, why not grab some stamps as well!  Yep, Canada is also offering stamps featuring the Man of Steel, likewise featuring art from throughout his career, from Joe Shuster to Neal Adams to John Byrne to Kenneth Rocafort.



So will you be adding these to your super collection?

To order the coins, visit the Royal Canadian Mint.

To order the stamps, visit the Canada Post.

Source: io9