I’m not going to lie. It was very hard not to fangirl in front of someone who writes all my favorite things as prolifically as Peter David does. His writing for Marvel alone (‘X-Factor’ #87, anyone?) has made him one of the most popular comic book writers, but his slavish pace at producing ‘Star Trek’ extended canon, the ‘New Frontier’ series, and other works for other series as well as his original works solidifies him as a nerd-culture super star.

For those who are aware of his recent stroke, you’ll be glad to know that he was very hale and energetic, so I expect we will still be seeing more of him in the future.

In the interview, we talked about what he would want for a new ‘Star Trek’ series. His answer? “Entertaining.” He did extrapolate and say that he would like to see a series that was in the future when the Federation wasn’t doing so well. We touched on the why ‘New Frontier’ could be more inclusive than canon ‘Star Trek’ and moved on to how he chooses and writes his Marvel characters.

He also spoke about his former Nickelodeon show, ‘Space Cases’, and his dedication to trying to get the science right. Not only that, he bragged about how he hired Jewel Staite, famous in the nerd community for Kaylee in ‘Firefly,’ before Joss Whedon did.

For those of you wondering about the ‘New Frontier’ series, and when the next book is coming, David replies, “I don’t know.” PocketBooks hasn’t gotten into contact with him. Ask Pocketbooks that same question, he says, and they’ll tell you they are communicating with him right now.

So, who knows if we’ll see more.

It’s great to see David out at events like DragonCon, and there is a reason he is a fan favorite. Should you ever see him at a con, or book signing, make sure you’re first in line to meet one of the greats of our era.