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Recently I had to question my very ‘Star Trek’ geek card. From one of the largest Trek conventions in the world, a poll was taken and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ was named the worst ‘Star Trek’ movie of all time. I won’t lie when I say that I was a little shocked at this. I had honestly loved the film and thought it was brilliantly placed and a fun re-imaging of the original topic. Yes, it had a couple of minor issues, but honestly it was so fun I could easily overlook them.

Not only that, but our own self proclaimed Trekkie’s review stated the film was a “a worthy sequel to a reboot that is breathing new life into the franchise, and it is well worth the watch.” That is some decent praise, but how about another Trekkie fan that watched and reviewed the film? Our own film reviewer wrote, “… is it a flawless example of the best of sci-fi cinema? No, not so much.” I myself had mentioned that above, though he also had this to say on it:  “‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is a film for science fiction fans. It’s fun, it’ll be entertaining the second time you watch it too, and it’s non-stop action and humorous dialog.” So the battle rages on.

However, one of the stars of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ has spoken up on the matter. While one might consider there be some bias in an actor commenting on his own film, this star just happens to be uber-geek Simon Pegg. Even though he’s appears in the film you can’t just take what he says with a grain of salt because – It’s Simon Pegg!

Many of the complaints about the film almost seem to be out of anger so what might they be angry about?

“I think they haven’t had time to live with it. They haven’t had time to review it. I think there’s a degree of stuck-in-the-mud — there’s a faction within the “Star Trek” community of kind of like, “Well, I don’t want to watch anything anymore.” Which is fine. And, absolutely, they are entitled to that. You know, it’s not for them, really. It’s kind of for everyone.”

Quite often when something goes from more indie or enclosed and takes the spotlight in mainstream media, people get angry about it. The most prevalent example of this is in music and Pegg nails it right on the head with this analogy:

“A little bit. I think it’s like when you tire of an indie band that you love because, suddenly, they get a number one single. You don’t necessarily start disliking their music, but you stop liking them because you’re pissed off that they’re famous, or whatever. “Star Trek Into Darkness” is the most successful “Star Trek” movie ever made. It is, in terms of what it took at the box office and how many people went to see it. More people saw that film than any iteration of “Star Trek” that existed before. That is probably slightly annoying to some “Star Trek” fans — which I totally understand.”

His thoughts on people who hate the album movie (sorry, still stuck on that music comparison) are a bit strong. I mean if you are hating something just because it’s popular that’s your choice but as Pegg states:

“And you know what … it absolutely isn’t the worst “Star Trek” movie. It’s asinine, you know? It’s ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass fucking ire, I just say fuck you. Not you, but the people who said that. It’s also that thing, as I say, that it hasn’t been around long enough. It’s the newest one. It’s the one people least recognize. If you look back at things you really love, there’s a big list: The things that you’ve got to re-watch and enjoy, they are going to be more up there. The thing that you know the least will be at the bottom. So it might be that, too, you know?”

So I have to say I feel a little bit redeemed there. Yes, I know anyone that disagrees will again point out that he’s in the movie. My retort? Simon Pegg! Also has anyone that said that recently re-watched ALL of the ‘Star Trek’ films? I’m a huge ‘TNG’ fan but ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Insurrection’ better than ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’? I don’t know. Tell me folks, is Mr. Pegg and myself right or wrong on this one?

Source: The Huffington Post