Now, why couldn’t AMC have shown this awesome featurette teased in the middle of ‘Low Winter Sun’ instead of the lame clip they chose?

Robert Kirkman takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the set, and I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised that a talented writer of my favorite zombie comic is so funny, but the subject matter doesn’t exactly lend itself to a laugh a page. Color me happily surprised, and check out the tour for yourself!

Minor spoilers and wild speculation below!

For a few months, teasers and behind-the-scenes featurettes have been hinting at a mysterious new danger that Scott Gimple described as “Someone unusual; you can’t stab them in the face, you can’t reason with it.”

Interesting pronoun usage: someone, them, it? Is it a person or a thing? I got hung up on the “it,” and had actually assumed that it was a difficult winter or trouble with crops and food sources, but from this clip, it seems like there’s no trouble finding food. Which is a good thing! It’s nice not to need to revisit past difficulties, and with an entire chapter of the ‘Walking Dead’ video game by TellTale dedicated to being on the brink of starvation, the plot device has been done to undeath.

An interesting thing that was touched on in the comics, and may indeed be mentioned offhand in the upcoming season, was that at some point, even canned goods pass their expiration date. Coming across a fully-stocked jail was a windfall, but realistically, unsustainable forever.

The food issue always makes me feel a little sad to remember the episode where Rick passed up that lone hiker begging for help, who was later ravaged by walkers, because there were too many in his group already, and at the time, some in the audience nodded, because you can’t be expected take in every single potentially dangerous straggler. But only a few episodes later, the group opens their doors to every member of the former Woodbury Regime not on Team Governor, and sucks to be you, Random Hiker Guy. Timing is everything.

Keep your eye out for a Kirkman-shaped path through the real crops during the next season, which starts October 13th on AMC.