When we last left the people of ‘Once Upon a Time,’ our merry group were on their way to rescue Henry who was taken from the real world and brought to Neverland. And when you hear of Neverland, thoughts of fairy dust and Tinkerbell come to mind. Well it looks as if not only has Tinkerbell been cast, but we’re also able to show off the first image of her! On the third season of ‘Once Upon a Time,’ we will see New Zealand native, Rose McIver, playing the role of the iconic character.

You may recognize McIver from a few episodes of ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ or ‘Power Rangers R.P.M.,’ though I’m wondering how these roles will have prepared her to play this winged fairy (speaking of wings I’m not seeing any in the promo shot.) Along with Tink, fan favorite Hook will going to be showing up, but he’s on a mission to find the fairy due to some kind of history between the two. Will they be spurned lovers? Did Tink steal something from Hook? Only time will tell!

Executive producer Edward Kitsis did say this about her:

 “Our Tink is very strong, a lot of fun and not afraid to go out and have a few shots, and although her heart is usually in the right place, she is mischievous.”

That certainly sounds like the kind of Tinkerbell that would have some kind of a history with the pirate captain.

So aside from the fact that we’re going to be seeing Tinkerbell and Captain Hook,  what other spoilers might we have for you? Well to start with, this upcoming season is going to include mermaids. However, they aren’t going to be friendly mermaids that you might expect from out of a Disney film. Apparently we’re going to be seeing something more akin to sirens.

Of course when you think of sirens you might also think that lust love is in the air. Apparently in the third episode of this season that may very well be true as Regina is going to be getting rather close to Sean Maguire‘s Robin Hood. Anyone who is a fan of this pairing shouldn’t expect it to last though as producers have mentioned that if there was romance between the pair it would be taking a “tragic turn,” so you can expect there to be a bit of drama here.

So fans of the show, what do you think of the look of the new Tinkerbell? Are you excited for season 3 to start back up? Let us know below!

Source: TV Fanatic.