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Remember being seventeen years old? Do you think your teenage years were awkward and confusing? Meet Paul Roberts. Paul (played by Iain De Caestecker) is haunted by post apocalyptic dreams that interferes with his every day life. One night, when him and his best friend Mac explore an abandoned shopping center, his dreams hit him full force as he is introduced to the world of The Fades. The Fades are the spirits of the dead, who cannot cross over into the next life, seemingly going mad. Things get even more weird for Paul as the Fades don’t stay in spirit form and start to eat the humans around him. How does someone, let alone a seventeen year boy, save the world from angry spirits?

This series is terrifying and extremely tense. Daniel Kaluuya, who plays Mac, provides the perfect amount of comic relief and drama to Paul’s life. This show had me instantly hooked, being intense and intriguing from the very first episode.

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Need more incentive to grab a copy? The Blu-ray is also loaded with extras including Max explains, extra scenes, deleted scenes, interview with Johnny Harris and Natalie Dormer and outtakes. Here is a glimpse of the outtakes.

‘The Fades’ Season One Outtakes

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