Long-time ‘Grand Theft Auto’ fans remember the huge announcement that ‘San Andreas’ would feature free-roaming local co-op back on PlayStation 2. Then, along came ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, which introduced the world to 16-player online chaos set in a sprawling Liberty City.

Since the announcement of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, fans have been wondering how Rockstar Games could improve upon their already-impressive multiplayer, but it seems that they have done it again. Meet ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’.

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ is structured like many MMOs, allowing players to explore the world of Los Santos, completing missions, which are completely separate from those of ‘GTA V’, while earning money and reputation. As with the previous GTA online experience, you can explore on your own or with friends, this time tackling a variety of heists, races, death match locations, or simply playing pool at the local bar.

Earning money through these activities will allow for full character customization, and those who are willing to risk it all for big heists will be rewarded with a much bigger bankroll, which can then be spent on purchasing private planes, customizing vehicles, or even buying an apartment.

Though the world only supports up to 16 players, the world you plan it is persistent, meaning that everything you unlock will remain unlocked every time you play.

The best part of ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ is that it is included with every copy of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

‘GTA V’ is set for release on September 17, and will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.