Okay, first up I need to warn you – there is a LOT going on in this issue. Not only is there a lot going on but there is potentially even more going on down the line from what happens in here. While ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #9 was my least favorite issue of the series so far this made up for it in pure plot being thrown at us! Let’s dive in shall we?

We start off the issue with Magik putting Eva Bell (she was the mutant who could stop time) through some training courses. The training, though, was pure hand to hand without having any allowance of her mutant powers. The purpose of this lesson? To force her powers to kick in, and they do! They kick in by not only ‘pausing’ time around Magik (which was the known part of her power) but sending her through time as well. While not what anyone expected, this was the lesson Cyclops wanted everyone to learn – your powers can most likely do more than you think they can.

When Eva freaks out and runs off, one of their jets blasts away. Was it Eva? No, it was someone the Cuckoo’s minds weren’t able to read. With every mutant who had that kind of control at training save Magneto, it was a clear guess on who just took the plane out for a joyride.

So what’s he up to?

Well Maria Hill invited him to a meeting to go over his lack of help with S.H.I.E.L.D. and her not trusting him. While that’s probably a good idea she ends up telling him that if he wants the relationship to continue, he’ll need to work with Dazzler. Interestingly enough, last issue ended up with Mystique replacing Dazzler. Coincidence or have all of her workings as of late been at his command to get a certain Brotherhood back together?

A rally with a large group of humans are gathered to show their support for mutants and talk down The Avengers and the Fantastic Four for how they’ve been treating Cyclops. Scott and his team show up and start talking to the crowd. He seems very unsure of what he wants to say for the first time while being in the public eye. He says this is the moment Charles Xavier was waiting for and wasn’t able to live to see it.

I wonder if his awkwardness is supposed to be him being choked up about Xavier’s death? At any rate, he tells them to not hate these teams and instead focus their attention on…

Quickly interrupted. The issue closes with Cyclops’ team being attacked by a new class of Sentinel.

So yes we had a lot going on and a lot being setup for the next set of issues. I wonder how much of this we’ll really be able to dig into before ‘Battle of the Atom’, or how Eva Bell’s powers may be involved in the next big X-Men crossover event.



Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Frazer Irving