If jetpacks are your preferred mode of transportation, pack your bags and fly off to New Zealand. The country’s Civil Aviation Authority has given the company, Martin Aircraft, an official permit to test their new P12 jetpack device.

For Peter Coker, the chief executive of Martin Aircraft, this is pretty monumental.

“For us it’s a very important step because it moves it out of what I call a dream into something which I believe we’re now in a position to commercialize and take forward very quickly.”

So, does this mean you and I could be sporting our very own jetpacks soon? If so, l challenge all of you to a race.

According to the permit, the company must perform some rigorous test flights. They are only allowed to fly as high as 20 feet over uninhabited land or 25 feet above water.

After Martin Aircraft performs these test flights, if things go according to plan, the jetpacks would then be tested with the military as well as first responder crews such as firefighters. Then, and only then, will Billy Campbell be able to test out the P12 . . . in my dreams.

So, when can you and I strap on our very own jetpacks in beautiful New Zealand? It’s looking like we may have to wait until 2015. Plus, it could cost us a pretty penny. Expected costs for a personal P12 jetpack is estimated at $150,000 – $250,000. Needless to say, Coker imagines the jetpacks may become more affordable in the near future when they inevitably become integrated into our daily lives.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot