jessica jones season 2 finale

Well, at long last we come to the finale, “AKA Playland,” which, to be honest, felt a little bit on the small side, especially when compared to the rest of the season. That does not necessarily mean it was bad though, as it was chock full of drama and some great moments, did an excellent job of showing us the evolution of all the characters now that their seasonal arcs were over, and managed to wrap up the Alisa story in a fairly satisfying way while also adding one more conflict into Jessica’s life.

So jumping in, Jessica is pissed at first that she has been kidnapped by Alisa, but after a lot of conversation, she decides to work with Alisa to flee the country by trying to get to the Mexican border, hoping to help her mom live some semblance of a happy life, especially since she is the only one capable (apparently) of getting the woman out of her rages. Alisa proves her desire to be a better person and the mom Jessica wants her to be . While on the road, they come across a traffic accident, with one flaming big-rig overturned and a family trapped in the car on the opposite side of the highway. As Jessica and Alisa save the family from the wreckage, they realize the truck is about to explode, but the driver is still inside. They race to save the man but Jessica does not get there in time, and the vehicle explodes. Luckily, Alisa did get there on time and she shields the driver from the impact.

Deciding Alisa deserves a chance, Jessica contacts Oscar for forged papers to get them across the border.The man meets her at a remote diner in Westchester to discuss what is going on. Unbeknownst to Oscar, the cops have been to Jessica’s place and seen the painting he did for her and guessed at their relationship, so he was tailed to the meeting. Jessica escapes the inadvertent trap and makes her way back to Alisa and they decide to try for the northern border to Canada for their escape instead of Mexico since they cannot get the forged passports. Along the way Costas calls Jessica and tells her that she is in too deep, that Alisa is a killer and needs to be taken down and begs Jessica not to throw away her own life by being Alisa’s accomplice, words which hit Alisa hard, as she begins to realize what her daughter will have to give up to be with her.

They pass an amusement park named “Playland,” a significant place as it was where the Jones family used to go together. They reminisce about the time Jessica and Alisa sharing the enjoyment of riding the Ferris wheel when no one else in their family did, and Alisa decides to stop there, breaking into the park and turning on the Ferris wheel. Jessica climbs in after her, warning her that the lights will attract the cops and they need to keep going, but Alisa tells her she does not want Jessica to give up her own life just to be with her. Jessica realizes Alisa wants to wait for the cops to arrive, fully aware they are likely to kill her on sight.

Trish wakes up and finds herself in the hospital with Dorothy nearby and learns that Jessica had disappeared with the cops believing that Alisa had kidnapped her. Dorothy warns her not to get involved anymore, still incensed that Jessica never told her that it was her mother that was the powered killer, but Costas arrives and wants a word with Trish, alone, which Dorothy begrudgingly allows him to have, warning him not to let her out of his sight. He asks Trish if there was anywhere in Westchester that Alisa and Jessica might go, some place of particular importance, but Trish says nothing to the cops. She escapes from the hospital and makes her way to “Playland” herself, aware of the Jones family history there. (Continued on next page)