With Microsoft wanting the X-Box One to become THE Entertainment Hub of your living room, it wants to add original content to its lineup that you can only get there. It’s an idea that makes sense and clearly has been working for subscription services such as Netflix.

So aside from its Steven Spielberg produced Halo television series, it looks as if Microsoft’s next piece of original content is going to be ‘Blake 7’. The series had about 10 million viewers so with returning fans as well as the popularity of the science fiction genre right now, this could be a goldmine waiting to happen.

I mean, it worked for ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ so we know that a 70s sci-fi being reimaged is something that can easily draw high ratings and viewers.

The original ‘Blake’s 7’ was created by Terry Nation (who created the Daleks for ‘Doctor Who’) and was set over 700 years in the future when interstellar travel was the norm. It followed a group of renegades and criminals who attempt to start a galactic revolution while staying on the run.

While nothing is currently set in stone, all parties are declining to comment,. Producer Andrew Mark Sewel has said nothing of the matter aside from “When we have news to report, we’ll let everyone know.” On top of this, Microsoft and Motion Picture Capital (who is rumored to be doing the redevelopment on it) had no comments as well.

Interestingly enough, while it was previously reported that the show was picked up by Syfy through their distributor Fremantle Media, the distribution company when reached for comment was unaware of any deal with anyone but Syfy and this Microsoft deal was news to them.

So is this a show that is sitting around waiting for Syfy to pick them up or are the rest of the rumors true and we’ll be seeing this only if we have an X-Box One? Let us know what you think below!

Source: BBC.