With the rabid social media response to Sharknado and the fact it received a theatrical release, we knew there would be a ‘Sharknado’ sequel. What we didn’t know was much past that!

Until now.

‘Sharknado 2’ is coming and after it was announced that there would be a ‘Name Sharknado 2’ contest on Twitter, there was an outpouring of submissions. With over 5,000 entries, the network has announced that the official title will be (dramatic music here): ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’.

Yes that’s right, in July of 2014 we will be able to watch ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’. This time around it looks to be taking place in New York City. Details past that are sketchy at this time. All we know is that the Sharks will be heading back in tornado form to take on the Big Apple. (As if taking a cab in New York wasn’t enough of a problem as is right now!)

The creator of the winning name’s tweet wasn’t released in the press statement but Thomas Vitale, executive VP of SyFy programming, was happy to talk about how the company felt about the contest:

“Since Twitter played such a huge role in the success of the original movie, we wanted to use that platform to ask our fans to name ‘Sharknado 2’. This response is another reminder of how ‘Sharknado’ has become a pop culture phenomenon. We want to thank all our viewers for their wonderful contributions to keeping up the shark-mentum.”

The inventor of that title will either be praised as a hero or burned at the stake as an offering to the Shark Gods (depending how seriously you take your B movies), but either way he should get credit as Twitter is how this movie was able to become a franchise.

Are you excited for ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’? Do you think they’ll find a way to increase the cheese factor to make the film more enjoyable or will this one be just as painful to watch? Let us know below!

Source: IGN