Kevin Levine, the acclaimed video game creator responsible for the dystopian ‘BioShock’ game has been tapped by Warner Brothers to script its remake of ‘Logan’s Run’the famed science fiction novel about a 23rd century world where people live in splendor until the age of 30, when they are slaughtered.  The book was adapted to the big screen in 1976 with Michael York in the title role.  It was later made into a short-lived television series.  Warner Brothers has been trying for over a decade to remake the film.

Levine, whose game work resulted in him being named one of Game Informer’s Storytellers of the Decade, admits to being a big fan of both the original book and movie, but is hoping to further flesh out the reasoning for the story’s primary twist.  “For me, the first challenge is why people make that bargain. That was never fully answered in the book or the movie to my satisfaction. I really want to answer that question. I want to look at that society in the same way people look at Rapture (his ‘BioShock’ world) and Columbia and say, ‘OK. I get it. I may not wanna live there, but I get why people are on board.'”

As of now, no director is attached, so it’s unclear when or if this latest attempt to reinvent this franchise for a new generation will hit theaters.  But you can judge for yourself if Levine is a good fit below.  First is the trailer for the 1976 take on the film, followed by the trailer for BioShock.

After watching, let us know what do you think.  Is Levine the man for the job?  Comment after the videos!