Have I mentioned that the Uncanny X-Force isn’t an actual team yet? The plot was actually getting kind of interesting in the series. We had some kind of mind controlling monster on the loose, Bishop was back, and then issue #5 ended with Cluster kidnapping Psylocke.

We’ve spent issues 6-9 focusing on the love triangle between Fantomex, Cluster, and Psylocke. Honestly, while it’s been interesting getting into the various heads of Fantomex’s personalities, I have not been a fan of how Psylocke has been written. She’s been weak, used, and abused. I understand she’s still getting over Angel and that Fantomex’s personalities have been split into three bodies – it just felt forced. On top of that, her reactions to the current situation (at least the one involving these three) has felt off.

Love triangle included, this arc was a lot more boring than it had any right to be. It’s strange because I’m usually a huge fan of Humphries’ work and I just haven’t been feeling it here.

The last issue closed with Weapon XIII having captured Fantomex and offering him up to Psylocke to show his love for her. She’s done with killing but wants to remove him from the Earth.

At least that what Weapon XIII believes. Once Psylocke has a chance to actually talk with Fantomex, by talk I mean a small fight, she tells him to get out of there. When Weapon reminds her that she was to kill him, it’s quickly clear that her plan doesn’t involve him. At least not in the long term loving kind of plan.

As she battles Weapon XIII, we finally see the first reference to the actual storyline instead of this unnecessary subplot as she releases the spirit bear that was in Bishop to attack him. We don’t know what it does do him, but he’s gone when the attack is over. Did the bear take him? Is he stuck in a spirit world? Is he gone for good? Whose to say! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him down the line one way or another though.

This causes Cluster and Fantomex saying that they want to return to the white room to become one person again and not split like they currently are. It’s unclear if this actually happens but Psylocke asks Storm for a ride home so it looks like we’re finally getting back to the plot. If you needed more proof, we get a shot of Bishop waking up and freaking out as well as a look of our villain who is apparently going by the name The Revenant Queen.

I’m still curious as to who this Queen is and really feel like it’s going to somehow be related to a past villain and not be completely new. If it weren’t for this mysterious villain and the return of Bishop, I’d be completely losing interest here. Speaking of Bishop I really hope he doesn’t just fall back into the X-Teams with no real repercussions


Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Artist: Ramon Perez