How does one take the classic take of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and put it into a modern day setting? Well let’s fast forward our modern day to a point in time where the Headless Horseman is back and has become one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation and is about to bring an end to the world. On top of that, let’s find a way to resurrect Ichabod Crane an put him in the fight to try to prevent said end of the world.

Confused yet? Well Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘) have it all worked out for you in their new series ‘Sleepy Hollow’. It looks as if Len Wiseman (‘Total Recall‘) will direct the first episode and be an executive producer on the show, after having just backed out of the director’s chair for ‘The Mummy’ remake.

Apparently they have cast Tom Mison (‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’) as Ichabod Crane who has just been resurrected and is forced to team up with Nicole Beharie (’42’) who plays a contemporary police officer to unravel an ancient mystery that dates back to the founding fathers in order to stop the apocalypse from happening.

Len Wiseman was recently commented as to why they weren’t following the traditional story laid out by Washington Irving:

“It’s been done, We knew from the beginning we really wanted to show a different version… He’s tied to the apocalypse and part of a greater war… Yes, Ichabod will still be a professor “but our version is like the Clark Kent.” The schoolteacher “is his cover — his day job.”

So Ichabod Crane is being turned into a modern day Captain America meets Superman? Interesting thought. Not only that, but it appears there will be nods to the idea of Rip Van Winkle (another Irving story) though not the actual character himself.

Executive producer Mark Goffman (‘Elementary’) had this to say:

“Obviously, the success of the fantasy of stuff recently has whet the appetite of people.”

He pretty much didn’t want to say that this was a new story, though. Rather, it is “revising” the Icabod Crane story “in a way that’s really new and fresh.” And by “fresh” he means, “everything you know about how our country is founded is completely blown apart.”

When Alex Kurtzman weighed in we got this little tidbit:

“You can have that communication – that kind of stuff…What I really love about this guy is, in our version the Headless Horseman is actually almost a mistake…once he gets his head back he’s part of that bigger picture.”

So the plan is actually for the Headless Horseman to get his head back (though not in the first season outside of flashbacks). Yes, they have this series already planned for multiple seasons provided that ratings support the show.

I’m a little mixed up on this one. It hits a real high note for me with an apocalyptic setting and the rest of it mixed in will just make for a huge dollop of silliness or work out to be something amazing.

What do you think about Ichabod Crane as a super hero fighting for the survival of the human race?

Source: Shock Till You Drop.