Dan Mazeau

Veteran actor Tom Cruise is really digging science fiction these days. Aside from more ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Mission: Impossible’ talk, the actor seems to be taking on as many sci-fi projects as he can. Earlier this year, he starred in ‘Oblivion’. Now, he’s working on ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, the film formerly known as ‘All You Need Is Kill’ that made an impact when the actor himself showed up at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend alongside co-star Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman. Now, traction is being made on ‘Yukikaze’, the adaptation of Japanese author Chohei Kambayashi’s alien invasion novel that he signed onto about three months ago.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has brought on Dan Mazeau to script this sci-fi action film. Having only one professional writing credit thus far with ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘Yukikaze’ could be the writer’s second produced film depending on how far along ‘Clash of the Titans 3’ is. While no director is attached yet, we may see this film take a better shape once Mazeau cranks out a draft.

The original story takes place during a time where humanity has been at war for many years with extraterrestrial invaders who have opened a portal to Earth. But now, the humans have pushed the aliens back to through the passageway and are determined to keep them from attacking our home planet again. In a way, it almost sounds like ‘Pacific Rim’ in space, but to get a better feel of the story, here’s the description from Amazon:

More than thirty years ago, a hyper-dimensional passageway suddenly appeared over the continent of Antarctica. Fighters from the mysterious alien force known as the JAM poured through the passage, the first wave an attempted terrestrial invasion. Their ferocity was unquestionable, their aim unknown. Humanity, united by a common enemy, managed to repel the invaders, chasing them back through the passageway to the strange planet nicknamed “Fairy.”

The task of finishing the battle was given to the newly formed FAF, a combat force created to go to Fairy and eliminate the JAM bases once and for all. Now, in the midst of a war with no end in sight, Second Lieutenant Rei Fukai carries out his missions in the skies over Fairy. Attached to Tactical Combat and Surveillance Unit 3 of the Special Air Force, his duty is to gather information on the enemy and bring it back to base—no matter the human cost. His only constant companion in this lonely task is his fighter plane, the sentient FFR-31 Super Sylph, call sign: Yukikaze.

By the sounds of that, Cruise might get to play ‘Top Gun’ again after all. But with the ‘Wrath of the Titans’ scribe behind the film, how good do you think the story will be? Are you confidant in his abilities to adapt this story as well as it was adapted in the past for anime? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.