If you’re not tuning into ‘The Awesomes’ on Hulu or Xbox this summer, you’re going to be missing out on one of the funniest animated shows of the summer. Comic-Con presented an exclusive screening of the pilot and creator Seth Meyers talked with Sciencefiction.com following the panel.

‘The Awesomes’ revolves around Prock aka Professor Doctor aka Jeremy, the son of Mr. Awesome. Mr. Awesome led the superhero team, the Awesomes, and decides to retire. The world thinks Perfectman will step up to the plate and lead the superhero team. Instead, Perfectman decides to go solo. To gain his father’s respect, Prock steps up to lead the Awesomes, only to have every other member of the team quit. Now, it is up to Prock and his superhero pal, Muscleman, to find a new team of superheroes. However, finding the right team members is going to be harder than expected.

Meyers first came up with the idea with Michael Shoemaker, a writer at ‘Saturday Night Live’. They both had an affinity for comic books and even ventured to Midtown Comics. (Shout out to Midtown Comics!)

(Meyers’ current favorite comic book? ‘Locke and Key’.)

“We were far more inspired by comic books than by watching animated shows,” Meyers told us. “It’s been such a weird process because everything we do is live and instant. You know, instant feedback. So, this has been a crazier process for us, but one we learned how to handle as we went through.”

The two came up with the idea for ‘The Awesomes’ and eventually hooked up with artist Judd Winick (‘Green Lantern’, ‘Green Arrow’).

“I think the guys created … a fully-realized world when they came to us, where there’s old superheroes fighting during WW 2 and then another generation in the 60’s and 70’s and what not. And it’s a rich world to draw from. And the characters they set up which are really emotional-based. There’s a very big father and son issues that are being dealt with and love interest and what not.”

Also, it’s freaking funny. The jokes go from smart to zany to even a little dark. Trust me when I say this is a show comic book lovers and non-lovers will like.

If you are a ‘Saturday Night Live’ fan, expect to hear some familiar voices. It features Meyers’ ‘SNL’ co-stars including Bobby Moynihan, Keenan Thompson, Taran Killam, as well as Cecily Strong and Nasim Pedrad. The voice cast also includes Rashida Jones, Josh Meyers and ‘The Mindy Project’s’ Ike Barinholtz as Strongman, Prock’s “very dim but strong friend.”

“Seth was like, ‘Talk as yourself. You’re already a strong dumb guy!'”

‘The Awesomes’ premiers on August 1 on Hulu and a new episode will appear every week. I’m personally excited for an episode where the team enters an alternate dimension and Prock meets an evil version of himself who still thinks 90’s slang is cool.

If you’re an X-Box owner, you’ll get a chance to see a sneak preview on July 25! Until then check out this trailer for the series below: